10 Reasons To Be Grateful To The Universe

My night ritual used to consist of two simple but effective meditations. The first one is a 5 moments exercise, the other one is day review.

Now I have added another one – the gratitude exercise.

Every night before falling asleep I think of the 10 things that I am grateful for today.

It can go like like this, for example. Thank you Universe that:

– I have a bed to sleep in

– I have a roof over my head

– I have people to love

– I have a great family 

– I have good friends

– I live a in a wonderful city

– I have a good job

– I am healthy

– I am young and strong

– I have an opportunity to develop

I have noticed positive changes already after two weeks of practicing this exercise.

On the material level, there have been some developments in my professional life. On the inner level, I started to appreciate more the little and big things I have, and life got more tasty in general.

So now my night ritual includes three consecutive steps that help make my life more harmonious, serene, and meaningful.

Anyone has similar experiences with being grateful to the world? Please feel free to share!


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