Heart And Reason, Or Two Heads Are Better Than One

It is amazing that all great and accomplished scientists seem to acknowledge the role of non-scientific tools. Some of the most famous quotes in this regard come from Albert Einstein when he recognizes the role of intuition vs. deduction.

There is another one that I really like. It is by Blaise Pascal, another prominent figure of the Modernity epoch. It goes as follows:

The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.

Very simple and profound.

Quite often this is interpreted with reference to love. I came across lots of images in the Internet with this quote framed in the heart shape.

I believe, however, that as a true scientist Blaise Pascal meant much more than that. What this idea refers to is to the relationship between inner knowledge (heart) and rational thinking (mind).

Two heads are better than one. Similarly, two tools are better than one.

Wrong are those who rely only on logic and deny intuition as a method of cognition. Wrong are also those who refute rational thinking in favor of “inner voice”.

Man has been given logical and intuitive methods as cognitive tools.

So let’s use both of them.


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