An Early Bird Catches The Worm

Freedom-Sunrise1It really does. And so do human beings.

Morning dawn is the time when the Universe gives birth to a new day. It is an extremely powerful moment full of energy. And you could have that energy too by getting up to witness the sunrise.

Ali Muhammad would wake up very early and run 6 miles a day, 6 days a week. You don’t have to be that fanatic, but Ali is a very inspiring example of appreciating early hours.

I love waking up early. It is true that I don’t always manage to do so, especially after long dark winter nights. Yet this is an amazing feeling to be one-to-one with the world. I have time to do what I want. Do my morning exercises. Make a blog post. Stay clam for a few moments before a brand new day kicks in.

Early morning is the most powerful time of the day, in my opinion. It tunes you up for the whole day. And even if the sunrise can’t be seen because of the clouds, the sun is still out there.

Good morning, and enjoy your day!


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