Positive Affirmations: Do They Work?

Last week I carried out an experiment.

Every day while commuting by metro to work, I self-tuned myself by saying repeatedly: “Today I am going to have a great day. I have enough time for all my tasks. Work comes and goes. The day is calm and smooth”.

Each day of that week went indeed calm and smooth, and I had time to accomplish all the tasks without any rush or stress.

Then, on another day I did not repeat that positive confirmation. And the day turned out to be hectic, stressful and energy-consuming.

Does this mean positive affirmations are crucial for a balanced and harmonious life?

I don’t think so.

Or, to be more precise, I believe they are just one of the factors that influence our lives and adjust the flow of our days. Besides, positive thinking and positive attitude are different things.

Yet perhaps positive affirmations are not fruitless either. At least two useful things that I took for myself are:

– calming down your mind (eliminating “inner talk”);

– training focus and concentration.

I still believe that action is THE most important ingredient of the recipe. The fifth element, if you wish. The so-called “law of attraction” that has been advertised throughout the world is bollocks if not accompanied with action. However, using positive affirmations is not entirely wrong either.

But let me repeat myself – only if backed up with acting, making and doing.


4 thoughts on “Positive Affirmations: Do They Work?

  1. It’s not only a question of whether or not affirmations work (I’m fairly certain they do), but also a matter of HOW one uses them. I can two (out of many) critical mistakes people make.

    One is to counteract themselves. It does no good to say “I will be positive and confident about my work” for five minutes if you walk into the office and then internally keep saying to yourself, “I hate this place! I’ll never get anything good done here!” for eight hours. If you want to create a new mental state, you have to guard against letting the old mental state continue unchecked.

    Another is that you really have to put the energy of your emotions into affirmations. If you let it stay on the mental/intellectual level, it never penetrates your being. You have to FEEL the thing you are telling yourself. Emotion is the fire that makes things happen.

    But since most people don’t know the subtleties of using these methods, when they use them sloppily and with little effort, once nothing happens, they will cynically say, “affirmations don’t work.”

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  2. Hello there! I love this story and it would really fit in with my true law of attraction stories at mollieplayer.com and storiesandtruth.com. Would you like me to guest blog it on both sites, by any chance? I would credit your site, of course (sending my 1000+ readers your way). Email me if you like: mollie@mollieplayer.com. 🙂


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