A Simple Exercise To Make Your Mind More Flexible

Consciousness can be made more flexible with proper training.

Why is this good?

A flexible mind is a generator of new ideas, ideas “out of the box”, fresh perspectives on the same things. Ultimately, it’s a prerequisite for creativity. Needles to say, it is useful in the whole spectrum of our lives, from personal relationships to career and business.

Here is a simple exercise to train flexibility of your mind. It can be done any time and anywhere. For example, while commuting to work.

Take a look at any object in front of view. It can be literally anything – from a pen sticking out of someone’s pocket to a handrail in a bus. It is important to to choose an object as quickly as possible to avoid considerations like “will this one be easy or not?”. The best is to stick with the first thing that catches your eye.

Now come up with 10 ways to use that object.

At first it may be seem quite hard. You would normally find around 3 ways how to use something. But 10? The task here is to keep searching until you come up with one idea after another till you get a list of ten.

For example, I can see a table lamp right now on my left. I can use this lamp to:

– light up my workspace

– put the headphone wire around it

– add a fresh color to my table

– stretch my fingers by holding onto the lamp

– stick a memo on it

– decorate my working area

– use it as a hanger for anything that can be hanged

– warm up my hands if it’s cold in the room

– use it as a stand for small souvenirs

– protect myself against a burglar breaking into the flat

It took me around ten minutes to come up with the items above. As already mentioned, the idea is to keep on seeking solutions until you get them. Not only does this teach you to have a fresh look at familiar things, but also improves concentration.

Oh, by the way, there is one category of people who don’t need any kind of mental flexibility training to retain a fresh look on things.

I mean children of course. Children are the only ones who always find something new in the same stuff. As a rule, such ability is lost with aging.

That’s it about the exercise. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. So have fun :).


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