Once Again On Tolerance

Political correctness, tolerance, and multiculturalism are great ideas.

In theory.

In practice they do not always work. Europe, the citadel of liberalism and freedom, is a bright example. Things are not as smooth as they were planned. “United in diversity” can fail, as the recent tragic evens en Paris reveal.

Does this mean the concept and politics of multiculturalism should be abandoned altogether?

Not at all.

However, certain modifications are indispensable..

Tolerance does not mean crimes should not be punished. It does not imply that “liberal society” should seek “institutional excuses” for the mishap caused by expat scoundrels and hooligans. And by no means does it entail protecting the rights of minorities at the expense of locals. The Brussels Christmas tree controversy is a a great case to highlight the point.

True tolerance and multiculturalism has nothing to do with allowing anyone do anything. This is anarchy. Real and effective multiculturalism is unification in diversity under the principle of accountability against the law.

Kindness must come along with fists.


5 thoughts on “Once Again On Tolerance

  1. I perceive a pendulum swing right now. There was an overwhelming trend of openness and internationalism in the 90s and 00s. Now we are seeing the problems with the policies, structures and behaviors this trend brought us. The challenge is to fix these problems and then continue down this track. It is inevitable that there be some sort of unity among nations on this planet if we don’t want it to be ripped apart by uncontrolled rivalries and wars. I know there are voices of isolationism shouting out there, but we don’t have to give in to them.


    • Great and insightful comment. Thank you, Theo.

      I totally agree that unity among people is a potential scenario – hopefully an inevitable one. Just it won’t be so much among nations, as nations represent nation-states (states), and nation-states are fading away.

      I believe the future is after network communities of mankind. Network having two meanings here: technological (social networks) and most importantly social one (organized via network principle, i.e. any people all over the globe united via common interests and values).

      Nations are becoming a relic of the Modern epoch that is passing away. In the new Post-modern (post-industrial) era I put a stake on the network communities of people.


  2. Yes. I would agree that nation-states are more or less dinosaurs, especially since the corporate interests have figured out how to buy political systems. The trick is developing a way for these new types of networks to actually wield power for the currently underrepresented.


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