What Is The Way of The Marital Arts? (Part 3)

This is the last post of translation from Russian of part of the “Combat Machine” book by Anatoliy Taras. The previous post (part 2) can be seen here.

Of course there’s no sense in spending dozens of years just learning how to fight well. With so many weapons around that would be a waste of time and simply stupid. But the point is that serious practice of martial arts aims at physical, mental and moral perfection of a man, rather than creating a ‘killer’. A perfect man stands out among average people in everything: working capacity, mental aptitude, perseverance, various skills and experiences. His excellence is also revealed during combats with two-legged vultures. Yet this is a consequence of his perfection, not the aim. The aim lies – and let me repeat myself – in the transformation of personal spiritual and body nature.

Striving towards this goal opens a gate to a totally different life than that of a “naked monkey”. To walk the Way means to be different from others. For example, to substitute idiotic discos with contemplations of the eternal beauties of nature; enjoy the taste of good tea rather than poison yourself with alcohol; train instead of wasting time repairing your car; replace meat and sweets with sugar with food from natural products… It is necessary to learn to listen to the music that survived centuries, understand poetry and philosophy, obtain knowledge in history and psychology. And most important, to learn from your own experience that a man who dares to quit the herd is doomed for solitude, even if he is admired by others. Perhaps this is the hardest thing: learn to be alone among people, yet joyful and happy inside.   

In order not to whine with sadness, detest yourself, hate or get annoyed by the people around, there is only method true for all times: do passionately the thing you are destined for. If it turned out that martial arts became the most important thing for you – devote yourself wholeheartedly to it. You don’t have to become a professional trainer. It doesn’t matter whether you are an engineer, a worker, a farmer or an artist. Only one thing matters: your favorite occupation must be truly the dearest thing in the world. And this must be reflected in all your actions irrespective of obstacles.

Then it won’t matter how many hours you spend for work and routine chores, and how many for physical exercises and mental training. It is in the ‘herd’ where “real life” starts once a working day is over or at weekends that are so much awaited and so stupidly wasted. First, body and spirit can be annealed any time and anywhere, not only during special trainings. Second, these are not time investments but internal priorities that count. Your favorite occupation as a way to operate in the world must be number one in your consciousness. Only then does it bring the sense of meaningful life, joy and fullness of being.

Now let’s make a general conclusion. The way of the martial arts is a way of life where practice of a certain martial art and mental self-regulation plays the biggest role. After many years of solid practice a subhuman (“naked money”) gradually transforms into a perfect man, and sometimes even a superman!


5 thoughts on “What Is The Way of The Marital Arts? (Part 3)

  1. This series of essays reminds me of something I once heard Koichi Barrish sensei say: Why do martial artists think they are spending all their time in the dojo preparing for a physical confrontation that will likely never happen? Instead they should use their time in the dojo to train for living their lives effectively. That is something they will surely have to do.

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