Failure Is a Must For Success

This year is coming to and end. It’s time to review past experiences, make conclusions, and step forward into 2015.

If there would be only one single idea that I could share with everyone, it is this.

You must fail before you can succeed. Failure is a prerequisite for success. You cannot achieve something without proving by failing over and over again how much you want it.

This is my biggest lesson from 2014.

I don’t intend to give specific examples here, but this happens regularly in my life, so I know it works. Brick walls are there for a reason, as Randy Pausch nicely expressed it.

We tend to think in dual terms: black and white, good and evil, love and hate, failure and success. Yet the irony is that no success is possible without prior failing.

No pain, no gain. Period.


One thought on “Failure Is a Must For Success

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