Life Maximum

I think the most important question one should ask himself is: “What do I want to do with my life?”

You may answer “become someone”, like a doctor, teacher, singer, actor, politician, etc. Well, how does this make you different from others doctors, teachers, singers?

You may say “I want to buy a house with a swimming pool, boat, fancy car, etc. OK. How does that make you stand out from those who have all that?

You may consider “become a successful businessman and entrepreneur”. All right. And what will make you special compared with other successful and rich people?

I think there is a better approach to address the question. One need to think of a SUPER GOAL, the goal of his life, an extremely ambitious and unlikely project, thinking of which one would say “I will never do that”. I like to call this a life maximum. An example? Stopping hunger on the planet. Transform human consciousness. Becoming a president. Setting up a colony on Mars. Reaching for the stars. You name it.

Mahatma Gandhi lit the hearts of millions with kindness and care for one another. Bruce Lee inspired millions to practice martial arts. Steve Jobs changed the lives of millions with an ultra-modern technology. They all touched masses of people by doing something great.

Can you?

Why is the life maximum important, even though it seems unreachable? Because it gives the sense of direction and the feeling of moving towards something great that can touch people’s lives. In fact, the more unreachable the life maximum seems – the better. The point is once found, it will propel you forward while fulfilling smaller goals on the way as a bonus, including wealth, respect, etc. As someone of the Rothschild dynasty once said: “You need to have big goals to have big money”.

This is like performing a breaking technique in martial arts. You must concentrate and deliver your power beyond the object to be able to break it. Same principle applies here. There should be a super ambitious goal blinking head like a beacon in a sea.

A good starting point to understand what your life maximum is (or life maximums) is to think of your calling, that is something you have the ability to do best based on your natural talents and interests. It can be literally anything – teaching, managing people, working with numbers, engineering something … The axiom here is that everyone has a calling, and Ideally his or her profession and calling should coincide.

Sooner or later, if you don’t give up on trying to understand your calling and the life maximum, you will find them. It may take weeks, months or even years. But it’s definitely worth it. Then it’s the time to start practicing – from small things, little by little. As we all know, if you want to change the world, you need to start with yourself :).

After all, self-actualization and personal fulfillment are the key needs of a human being.


5 thoughts on “Life Maximum

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