Happinness is … (a recipe for happiness)

Happiness is perhaps one of the most used and misused words nowadays. There are scores of different pieces of advices out there on “how to become happy”, “how to lead a happy life”, “how to be happy inside” and so on.

I agree that we are the only ones who are responsible for our happiness (like for anything else in our lives). I also agree that being happy means being “here and now”. I do believe that happiness is an existential state of a soul, and is not preconditioned by anything. Besides, I have a favorite recipe for cooking happiness.

It is very simple.

The best way to become happy is make someone else happy.

This sounds like a paradox, but it’s true. You can never get more than you give.

You can practice this anywhere and on anyone – your family, your loved ones, even strangers.

Just try it. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Happinness is … (a recipe for happiness)

  1. Great thoughts, Sasha! I absolutely agree, this recipe always works.:) The only thing to remember is to give without expectation. Because once expectation is attached, not only will the pureness of giving die, but we also make our happiness dependent on the things we expect in exchange from the other one.

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      • Yes, we continuously learn this along the way… getting better and better in it, but will never be “done”. I think you’re right, this is called altruism, but I’m not sure if we are really that selfless, or helping others is simply fulfilling our own needs (feeling useful, living a meaningful life, etc) in disguise. It sounds cruel but possibly true in my opinion. In any case, what matters is that we are connected and the selfish and the altruistic person both will get back from life what they gave, just like you said. 🙂

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