Prevention vs cure

Thoughts are things. This idea has been around for quite a while now. Yet there is still little evidence that human society has embraced this notion. What we think, we become. Ultimately we create our own realities. Yet we continue to fight poverty instead of building abundance, tackle climatic change instead of taking care of the planet, resolve conflicts instead if promoting peace.

I call this a a patient syndrome. A patient doesn’t really care about anything until he gets a problem. When this happens, he goes to a doctor and gets his medicine. Hopefully, the treatment is successful. Yet even if it is, there a few issues with this approach. First, a patient doesn’t really think why the problem happened. The priority is to get a quick and proper treatment. Second, a patient simply gives away responsibility to take care of his own health. Finally, on a long-term such attitude cuts off any possibility for development.

By ‘patient’ I don’t mean literally a person with a health problem. Problems can be of any kind, and patients can be people, nations, society in general, etc. The opposite of patient in this regard is a student. A true student is not someone who studies in school all the time, but someone who constantly develops himself, seeks answers to unsolved questions, creates new challenges for himself, uses positive thinking to avoid any sorts of bad things.

And this is where prevention vs cure come in. It may be easier to get pills against obedience, for example. Yet in the long-term this strategy is sure to fail. Only a conscious holistic approach including proper food, exercise and thinking can help solve weight problems. Prevention may seem harder to follow, yet it is much more effective. As another example, consider giving birth to a baby by a woman. How much time does it take? 9 months? Seriously? 🙂 And what about 20 years of healthy life that is necessary before that?

A popular business and corporate slogan has been “think solutions”. Dear CEOs and respected businessmen, you forget one thing. Clever people find the way out of any problem. Wise people simply don’t get into them.

So let us rather focus on creative positive things as a means of prevention instead of having to find a cure to the negative consequences of our passiveness and indifference.


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