It’s a New Day

I love Mondays.

Every Monday is a like a chance to start from the beginning. “From beginning” meaning not doing the same thing over and over again, but having an opportunity to hit a new week with fresh energy and clear mind.Especially if the weekend before was amazing :).

Monday is like opening a blank page on the week-book. Everyone can write whatever he wants on it, no matter what the previous pages contained. Everyone is a writer in this respect. And this is what freedom of will is – doing what you want with your life regardless of what had happened or will happen.

So, we gotta care for just one single day.

It’s not easy.

Too often we live in the past re-digesting our problems, or fly into the future constricting plans or daydreaming. Reflecting over the past things and actions is important, as planning ahead is. Yet the idea is to focus on today as much as possible, with your bigger goals in the back of your mind.

And this is where Monday is perfect :).

Wake up! Good morning! It’s Monday time! Don’t be afraid of Monday, let Monday be afraid of you :).


One thought on “It’s a New Day

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