People need stress

In the prehistoric times human beings were constantly under stress. Imagine a life full of survival, extreme dangers, hunting, escape from wild animals and so on. That stress, however, was too extreme, proven by the short life expectancy of the primitive peoples.

It has been widely claimed that modern, or post-modern, life is full of stress too. Yet this stress can hardly be compared with the survival of the ancient times when your life was at stake every hour. Either you won in the severe survival of the fittest, or you died.

No matter how many complaints can there be, we all need stress in reasonable amounts to make ourselves more resilient – either physically, psychologically, or emotionally. Science proves too that stress – if measured well – is indispensable to make ourselves stronger. In either words, we always need some challenge, otherwise we get weaker.

There are two ways to treat life hardships – either whine about them (Why me???) or accept them with an open heart as an opportunity to learn and grow. Either life obstacles and stress burn you out, or you use them as a fuel for inner fire to thrust you towards the set goals.

There is another important observation here. Thousands of years ago first human beings did not have to look for stress as it was provided by nature every second. Today most of us live in a much more comfortable world where survival instincts are buried somewhere very deep. So we need to create artificial challenges to keep fit. I define this law as follows: create challenges for yourself, otherwise life will bring its own.

No matter what, you gotta keep your inner fire burning.


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