This Is Better Than Counting Sheep

I have read out this somewhere a few months ago and started practicing. I can’t say my life has changed dramatically, but there are certainly some positive changes already. This is a great exercise to:

a) relax before falling asleep;

b) review the day in a positive light;

c) get yourself tuned to success.

So it goes as follows.

When already in bed with the eyes closed, recollect 5 moments of joy or success that happened to you during the day. These can be literally anything – a praise at work, great lunch with colleagues, meeting up with friends, talking to your parents, driving a car, doing sports, helping someone in need, smiling at some joke, crossing out a task from your daily list, winning a lottery :). The list can be endless.

At first it may seem that nothing extraordinary has happened to you. The idea is to keep looking until you have found what brought at least a piece of joy, satisfaction or success during the day. This illustrates well the phenomenon that the world is a reflection of our thoughts. So tuning yourself to positive frequencies will make you see the world around change too. And keeping those positive moments in your head before going to bed will tune step by step your subconsciousness to attract further success.

Mahatma Gandhi was damn right.

If we want to change the world, we must start with ourselves.


2 thoughts on “This Is Better Than Counting Sheep

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