Science Is Closer to God Than Religion

God-and-scientistIt has been claimed that all sciences – physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, sociology, etc. – seek to reveal objective laws that govern the world. The assumption here – and not just assumption, but also feeling – that there are laws out there that connect everything. Even outside the scientific world we can feel this on a daily basis by striving for better life, trying to understand what needs to be done to live better, that is find out what laws we need to follow.

What do scientists do? They use available scientific tools – experiments, observations, empirical data and so on to reveal hidden patterns behind facts, events and situations that are at first glance not related. Our world is regulated even though we don’t understand all the laws. Galileo, who was condemned by the Inquisition, told that the book of nature is written in the language of mathematics. So there is this “book of nature” out there. Darwin, who was despised by Christianity, referred to the “purpose of evolution”. So he felt there is a purpose, and there are objective laws.

And now let’s think about the Bible, for instance. The Bible often describes God as law. Strange, isn’t it? Usually this is interpreted as the need to obey orders. Yet if you think about it, another interpretation makes more sense. God is Law, i.e the combination of all laws of nature, both learnt and not learnt yet. 

This is why it seems scientists are closer to God than religious people.


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