Luck and success

Luck and success are different things. Luck is not something we produce. For example, it happens if you win a lottery. Luck comes up simply because we are lucky. (Although luck chooses apparently people who are at the right place and at the right moment, i.e successful people).

Success comes to those who have worked for it. You know what you want; you do what you have to in order to get it; you achieve the result. Your success stays with you. 

Luck never comes on schedule. And if it comes, I think it picks those who are bold and energetic.

Once upon a time there was a poor Jewish man who sat on the mat from morning till night praying to God and asking to make him rich. Yet the years were passing by, the mat became completely colorless, and there was still no money. Finally the man shouted angrily:

– Tell my why, God? I’ve been honoring all your laws, fasting and resting on Saturdays. Why don’t you reward me for your loyalty?

And the voice answered from above the sky:

– Abraham! Why don’t you pick up your ass from the mat and go get at least one lottery ticket?


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