Highways and Country Roads – Speed vs. Life

I like to compare life with road.

Both roads and our lives have ups and downs, straight lines and curves, hidden turns and surprising landscapes, new experiences and fellow passengers on the way.

Indeed, life is a highway.

Yet roads can be different. Some roads are first-class super fast motorways, others are more modest country roads.

While highways have a definite speed advantage, there’s not much you can see there. The best things happen on smaller country roads passing through hidden towns and valleys, the roads that connect people and destinies.

If you happen to travel by car or bicycle, or any another vehicle you drive yourself, take a moment and get off the motorway for the sake of a smaller local road. The longer – at first sight – route will bring many surprises that cannot be noticed at 70 mph on the highway.

After all, the shortest way is not always the fastest one.

Long Road


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