There is no bad weather

Looking at the title, I have to admit I don’t like when it rains. Or let’s say, I like to sit in a warm cozy place sipping hot tea when it rains, looking at the drops falling on window glass. Yet I’d hate to be outside in a thunderstorm.

Still when this type of weather happens, I try to change my attitude and find some positive moments. As the Chinese wisdom goes: “Always look at the bright side of things, and if you don’t find any – polish the dark ones until they start shining.”

So there is no bad weather indeed, as every weather is a blessing. Some add to this: “There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes”. Another stronger version goes like: “There is no bad weather – just soft people.” (This is is great for motivation in sports).

What struck me just this weekend though, is that ‘weather’ can be understood not only literally, but interpreted in a figurative sense too. From such a perspective things indeed appear in a brighter way:

– Mistakes lead to experience.

– Failure as the key to success.

– Every cloud has a silver lining (this one is close to nature too).

– The more you fail, the faster you’ll succeed. (As noted by the famous Michael Jordan).

– Opportunity comes in the overalls (As highlighted by the genius Thomas A. Edison).

And so and so forth.

To sum, all of us experience rainy moments, or even earthquakes and tornadoes in our lives from now and then. Yes after this the sun shines even brighter, the air smells even fresher, and the horizons ahead look more clear.

Rainbows come up in the sky only after the rain.

Don’t be afraid of the storm – be afraid of the calm.


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