Democracy Is Dead

In his famous quote Winston Churchill said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.

I don’t believe in democracy.

What I mean I don’t believe in the well-known and commonly accepted type of electoral or representative democracy, when people “empower elites to act on their behalf”. What this results in is giving power to scoundrels, bandits and maroons who abuse the authorities they get and resources they receive.

I’m fed up with this democratic bullshit.

“Democracy is the power of majority?” Shut up.

“Democracy is the power of majority with respect of minority”? Are you kidding me?

“Democracy makes everyone equal”? Get away from here.

Democracy, at least in the form that we witness today, is manipulation of minority over majority in order to pursue its (minority’s) interests.

The best definition of true democracy I’ve come across so far was given by Erich Fromm, one of the brightest contemporary philosophers and social thinkers. In his interview with Mike Wallace Erich Fromm defined democracy as ” an organizational society and a state, in which the individual citizen is – feels – responsible, and acts responsibly, and participates in decision-making.”

The crucial word here is responsible.

As long as every individual takes on responsibility to change the neighborhood, city, country, the world, and first and foremost – himself – democracy will reign.

Delegating the responsibility to solve the most burning issues – in one’s own understanding – to a mythical ‘government’ or ‘president’ is not democracy, but rather a form of psychological transfer due to reluctance or inability to solve the problem yourself. Such behavior is typical of children, not adults.

To wrap up, check out this example when an average guy form South Central LA started doing what the state “should do” – ensuring proper food security and public care. And make your own conclusions.


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