Tired of long commutes to work in the crowded public transport? Fed up with traffic jams riding your car in the city? Looking for refreshment, adventure, and pleasure? The solution is very simply – bicycle. Get on it and and give it a try, or a give it a pedal. Here are just some 10 reasons why cycling is awesome.

1) Exercise. A great way to keep fit with minimum efforts while having the opportunity to:

2) Enjoy. Cycling is a mere pleasure in itself. Just try and discover for yourself the awesomeness of smooth gliding in the urban or rural environment dodging between people and vehicles.

3) Discover. Explore new places, get new experiences. A car may be too fast, a walk may be too slow. A bike is the golden middle.

4) Easy parking. That’s a good advantage in the urban areas. Just tie up your two-wheel mustang to a pole, and you’re done.

5). Saving. No need to spend money on gas and parking tickets. Bicycle maintenance does not involve high costs, unless you’re doing a tour round the world.

6) Flexibility and maneuverability. Dodging between objects, people and cars is very easy. Transporting a bike is relatively easy too.

7) Speed. Two wheels can go really fast. Especially in a big city, where you don’t need to stay in the traffic jams or make designated stops. On an average, riding in the city can be as fast or even faster as using public transport.

8) Personal space. You and your bike. Nobody else around. Except maybe a voice singing from your MP3 player.

9) Ecology friendliness. No emissions, no CO2, no smoke. Just your own muscles and the power of thrust.

10) Freedom. Riding does create, at least for a while, the sense of freedom and self-sufficiency.

Keep riding!


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