Hit the road, Tesla! or American dream revisited

Tesla Motors is a truly innovative company. The first revolution happened with the introduction of the electric Model S capable of driving 300 miles (nearly 500 km) at one battery charge without producing any emissions. Even a more stunning news came 2 years later – right this June – when the company’s CEO Elon Musk announced that all Tesla patents are now open to public.

Think about this news in the world full of fierce corporate competition for every single bit of intellectual property. Elon Musk (who is, by the way, also the owner of Space X, a private space rocket manufacturing company, and the co-founder of PayPal) opens up Tesla’s corporate patents for public use. As Elon Musk comments himself:

“Tesla Motors was created to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. If we clear a path to the creation of compelling electric vehicles, but then lay intellectual property landmines behind us to inhibit others, we are acting in a manner contrary to that goal. Tesla will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use our technology.”

Thus the company has contributed to the open source movement, with the already existing bright examples from IBM and Open Office. Such open business architecture is a completely new development strategy, a true innovation and opportunity for the 21st century. Apparently Musk believes Tesla will generate more revenue if he has a smaller “piece of pie”, since the the whole pie will be big enough to make that piece sufficient.

Well, America is on top of a new technological and business trend again. It has reconfirmed its reputation for the hub of innovation and the spirit of entrepreneurship. This is why I believe that despite an overwhelming number of exacerbating economic, social and political problems this country will continue to set standards to the rest of the world.


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