Antisocial networks

Top 3 facts about social networks:

1) Every minute 100 000 people become friends on Facebook.

2) Every 8 seconds someone on the planet joins a social network.

3) With the population of 1 billion, Facebook would be the 3rd largest country in the world after China and India.

Do social networks change our lives? They surely do. What is the nature of this impact?

There are many amazing benefits that social networks –  like Facebook, for example – bring to people. I will cover them in the next post. Here I would like to mention a few other aspects.

Let me point to them via a few rhetorical questions.

With how many Facebook friends do you meet more often in person than online? With how many of them do you meet at all?

How often do you check your Facebook account daily? How much time do you spend on an average browsing others’ posts?

What is your reaction to getting likes? How often do you ‘like’ others?

Do you feel as at ease communicating with someone in person as online?

The answers to these questions might reveal that we live in the age of antisocial networks, in fact. Can this be an exaggeration? Well, research shows that using social networks increases the chances of committing suicide, as it detaches man from reality by minimizing contacts with the environment.

This does not mean that social networks should be banned as something bad and evil. Social networks are neither good nor bad. A knife can be used for killing, but also for saving lives in a surgeon’s hands. Yet like with any other thing, there should be a “golden middle” in using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to avoid addiction and, even worse, distortion of reality.







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