Intuition and deduction

In the previous post we looked at the 3-step process of generating and acquiring any type of knowledge. To recap, the chain consists of the following elements: concentration, flow and insight.

Insight is a sudden understanding of the problem solution that comes in a flash. However, this flash needs to be operationalized, or interpreted in a language that can be read by others. And this is where logical thinking comes into play with its deductive and argumentative methods.

Without logic, based on intuition alone, knowledge will lack credibility in the eyes of ourselves and others. The process of refining knowledge is therefore a two-fold process: getting primary understating as an intuitive insight, then testing it with the tools of logic, then getting another understanding, and so on and so forth.

Two heads are better than one. Similarly, two tools are better than one. Wrong are those who rely on logic only and deny intuition as a method of cognition. Wrong are also those who refute rational thinking in favor of “inner voice”. Man has been given both logical and intuitive methods as cognitive tools. So let’s use both of them.   




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