Three conditions for knowledge

A unique feature of human beings is to acquire and produce new knowledge. Is there a recipe for doing this efficiently?

My formula is a 3-step process consisting of:

– concentration

– flow

– insight

This is the exact order how the elements should be used to enable the process of knowledge acquisition and creation.

First, you need to force yourself to concentrate on the chose topic. Let’s say you need to write a paper on the importance of sports to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So decide to think only about this topic – whether you are at your working desk, walking in the street, or taking a shower. If you mind jumps away from the topic – and it surely will! – force yourself to get back to the subject.

Next, after some time it will appear that you don’t need to force yourself any longer to focus on your subject – you achieve the state of flow. All of us have experienced this state one way or another, when doing something with such a sincere interest, that everything else becomes secondary, including basic things like eating or sleeping. Brain-storming is a good example of this. 

Finally, at a certain point you get a sudden insight – a solution coming as a flash in your mind. This is a highly emotional state when you realize: “That’s it!”.  The answers may be also coming in a series of flashes. You get a an intuitive solution to your problem, and can work on it further in the ‘normal’ state.

Whatever type of creative work you doing – either physical or intellectual – concentration, flow and insight are the true guides of the process. The same applies when you want not to generate knowledge, but simply learn something new.

Knowledge is power. If there are truths characteristic of all times, this one belongs there for sure.


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