All roads leave to dojo

They say all roads lead to Rome. In the times of the Roman Empire this was literally true, as all paths led to the same destination – the centre of the Holy Empire. Today this phrase is used in a figurative sense meaning there are many different ways to reach the same destination or result.

While the days of the empires are gone (at least that’s what official historiography says), the idea of Rome – or something primary and important – is still valid. This time, however, not only in the geographical sense, but rather in the psychological one – referring to something that is placed within your inner self. Let’s also leave Rome to the mighty but past empire, and use ‘dojo’ instead – the widely used word for a room or hall to practice martial arts.  

Everyone has his own dojo, even though he or she is not aware of it. By dojo here I mean not only the physical location for practicing any martial art, but also the attitude of perceiving life as a continuous training – physical, psychological, moral, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

We are all having a life-long training in fact, learning to cope with challenges and face difficulties. Sometimes life throws us roughly on the mat, and we cannot breath a word in response. Sometimes we stand up and strike back with a nice jab or cross. Many times we have sparring with imaginary opponents, and even more often fight with ourselves.

No matter what happens, the training continues. “Show must go on” – as the legendary Freddie Mercury once sang. The question is whether we accept the training challenge and open ourselves to learn new lessons, or allow other people, things and circumstances knock us down every time victory seems to be close enough.   


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