Top 5 Reasons To Start Cooking

This post does not mean to get everyone into cooking or forget about going out for lunch. The purpose is rather to show the advantages of cooking, and give extra motivation for those who either started the habit or are planning to do so.

Reason 1. It is cheaper.

Cooking your meals is definitely less cost-consuming compared to eating out, buying meals for takeaway, or getting prepared stuff in supermarkets. Critics would say you need time for cooking, and time is money too. However, you need time alike to go out to a restaurant or do groceries.

Reason 2. It is healthier.

This is simply because you are in more control of the food when you, and only you, prepare it. While there is still no 100% guarantee of avoiding spoiled or nor natural products on your table, the chances to develop healthy eating habits are much higher when you are your own chef.

Reason 3. It is tastier.

When you buy a ready meal somewhere, you need to remember that, in addition to anything else, it contains the intention of making a profit. In contrast, when you cook food yourself, you put your own energy into the process, which makes the end-product more tasty and nutritious. This is also the reason why your piece of art may not taste that good to others – because they did not put their energy into it. And this also the reason why home-made food is the best – because it is full of love and care of your close ones. 🙂

Reason 4. It is creative.

When you start cooking, you automatically turn into a creator out of a mere consumer. Cooking offers endless opportunities for creativity, as well as for surprising yourself and the people around you.

Reason 5. It is fun.

It really is a fun activity, as well as a relaxing and inspiring one. To rephrase a well-known saying: “Don’t worry, be cooking!”

Happy cooking everyone!


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