Just look up

In one of his most famous songs “Blowin’ In The Wind” Bob Dylan was asking: “How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky?” Living in Budapest, I realized that a great deal of the city’s beauty is  hidden on the roofs of its buildings. I say ‘hidden’ as normally one wouldn’t look up too much. This may happen for while after you find yourself in a new environment; yet once you get used to it, you wouldn’t really stare up in the sky looking for “undiscovered treasures”.

This is normally the case with me too. Quite often I’m deep in my thoughts and tend to look down. In such moments I don’t really notice what is going on around, let alone above my head. Yet when I do catch myself thinking too much, I pull my gaze up and always get struck by the beauty of the city’s architecture, even if on a regular route.

I guess this can teach a few things here. First, the beauty is always around us, we just need to be a bit more attentive and look for it. Second, living the present moment is as important as making plans for future. And third, problems can be solved better by taking a break first.


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