The war for hearts and minds

The times of the “hot wars” are over. Or, to be more precise, wars are no longer waged by “hard means” only, that is rockets, missiles, soldiers, etc. Today, in addition to physical wars, and often even without them, a global and unpredictable information war is going on. It is global because “independent” mass media are trying to impose each of us an opinion on what is really happening in the world. It is unpredictable because it is invisible, unlike a real physical combat, and it is not easy to tell the real truth from the one made up.

The most dangerous and lethal weapons of 21st century are not nuclear, chemical, or biological ones. These are mass media, or mass destruction media, to be more precise. However independent they may claim to be, mass media will always serve as a political tool to influence the population of this planet. And this applies equally well to each and every international or domestic political process.

Conclusion? It is terrible if people die in a valiant battle for their country. It is yet much worse if people lose a war in advance – in their hearts and minds. Let’s not forget about that.


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