Ukrainian Maidan: Between a Nation-State and a Corporation-State

Today we are witnessing the birth of the corporation-state, a candidate for replacing the ‘outdated’ nation-state that reached its peak of development in the period of 1850-1970’s. Corporation-state is an entity of a primarily economic character (vs. political in a nation-state) aimed at minimizing costs and expenses. Once economic competitiveness is declared to be the main objective of a state, its social and national components recede into background. The state starts acting as a corporation ruled by the economic effectiveness of the “survival of the fittest”.

Ukrainian Maidan is ultimately a reaction and a vector of resistance to the construction of the corporation-state as opposed to the nation-state.

It is also is a dramatic example that there is a need for reinforcement of the nation-state (and the welfare-state as economic dimension of the nation-state) in order to cope with the challenges of the newly emerging world order.

Finally, it shows that the concept of nation in the post-modern world needs to be redefined as a community of individuals united within the borders of a nation-state under the principles of collectivism and solidarity. Only a ‘refined’ nation-state with individuals united for a common cause may be a viable alternative to a corporation-state that is being constructed all over the world.

The current situation in the world, even if not on the brink of disaster yet, will become so by the middle of the 21st century or even earlier. This will be the moment of truth for the leaders and peoples, the moment of final choice between a nation-state and a corporation-state, between existence and non-being.


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