Maidan is about people, not democracy

The events in Ukraine are happening so fast, that it’s not easy to stay tuned, let alone to give comments. The phenomenon of Euromaidan is very complex and very simple at the same time. I just want to share a few thoughts here that, in my opinion, will remain relevant no matter how the civil protest evolves in my country.

1) This is not Euromaidan anymore. I don’t want to discuss the many myths and illusions about European integration here. The point is there is much less obsession with the EU compared to early December. I would call it Maidan-2 following Maidan-1 in the year 2004.

2) This is not, or at least not only, about forcing the president to resign. change the government, and amend the Ukrainian Constitution. More and more people realize that candidates from the current pseudo-opposition are not worthy to get the power.

3) This is not about a conflict between Eastern and Western Ukraine. There is no civil war going on (and hopefully won’t be), although attempts are being undertaken to move things that way.

4) This is not about a fight for democracy. Democracy is just a fancy word that can be interpreted in million ways. An average man at Maidan does not need democracy. He just wants to lead a normal peaceful life.

5) This is about standing up for the right to be heard and be treated like a human being, and not like a slave.

6) This is about making Ukrainian pseudo-elites understand that they were hired by people to run the country. Since they failed the job, they need to be fired.

7) It is about people taking responsibility for their own destines and the destiny of their country, instead of counting on domestic (Ukrainian) or foreign (European, Russian) political leadership.

8) It is about wakening up after 23 years of idleness and inaction.

9) Finally, Maidan is about a special state of mind, mutual help and understanding, and not about the geographical point in the centre of Kiev.

Last but not least, I am fully convinced that sooner or later Maidan – as the idea of struggle against criminal corporatocracies – will knock on every country’s door. In the world of the cynic and inhumane capitalism this is inevitability, not a choice.


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