Hungarian and Russian: strangers or relatives? (Conclusion)

It is now time to make conclusions based on the previous discussion.

Conclusion 1. Since Hungarian had a big influence from the Slavic languages, Hungarian and Russian (as well as other Slavic languages) are much closer than it may seem at first sight. This can be a good motivation for studying Hungarian by the Slavic peoples.

Conclusion 2. Of course, similar parallels can be drawn between Hungarian and other languages. This is normal as languages are open systems, i.e. they interact with the other languages out there.

Conclusion 3. This small research proves again that association is a powerful tool in learning any foreign language. As generally accepted, the other two are impression and repetition.

Conclusion 4. We are more related to one another that it seems. Linguistic relation is just another piece of evidence for that.

Conclusion 5. And finally, learning languages is fun!

Köszönöm szépen!

Большое спасибо!


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