The Biggest Virtues

This post flows out logically  from the post on the biggest sins.

To recap, I consider laziness and fear as the biggest vices. So here I would like to address the question on how to tackle these two.

The answer is simple, although may not be so obvious in the beginning.

A great and effective way to eradicate any phenomenon or bad quality is to focus on its antidote, or opposite. It you want to reduce crime, focus on promoting peace. If you want to bring down poverty, focus on the growth. If you want to fight your laziness and fear, focus on discipline and courage.

Discipline and courage, in my opinion, are the biggest virtues.

My understating of discipline is the following. Discipline is when you force yourself to do what you know you need to, but don’t want to do.

Everyone knows somehow what he needs to do, what things are useful for himself. Clean up a flat. Wash up your dishes. Wake up early for morning exercises. Switch off the TV and read a book. Stop browsing Internet and get down to work. So the state of discipline is the exact opposite of the state of laziness. It is a crucial tool to achieve our goals and gain success.

Courage, as the opposite of fear, is rather important too. A common misconception is that courage is the absence of fear. Courage is not the absence, but overcoming fear.

This means brave and courageous people are afraid too. But what makes them different from cowards is the ability to face their fear instead of surrendering. Courage is ultimately the ability to act irregardless of the fear.

So this is my answer how to handle the biggest vices, i.e laziness and fear. You need to practice their opposites, i.e. discipline and courage.

Like darkness is the absence of light, laziness may be reduced by proper discipline, and fear can be knocked down with courage. Doing something small but regular that requires these two qualities will be an immense change. Here are just a few practical examples:

Discipline: 1) wake up 10 minutes earlier to avoid rush getting to work; 2) do not break away for coffee until you finish an important mail or any other ongoing thing; 3) do first things first.

Courage: 1) approach a stranger of the opposite gender every day asking for a date / phone number; 2) speak up your mind at a business meeting or disagree with something: 3) take an unfamiliar route from work to home.

With every small victory over yourself self-confidence and self-respect will grow. Discipline and courage are simple yet powerful keys to positive transformation.



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