The Biggest Sins

Every religion contains a set of moral principles to guide our lives.This may take a form of commandments, taboos, or anything else.

From what I observed, however, the biggest problems, or vices, or sins of human beings are only two. They are laziness and fear.

I keep finding proofs for this statement every single day both from my personal life and the lives of others.

Roughly speaking, laziness, or idleness,  is unwillingness to make an effort when it is required. To put it even more simply, laziness is the absence of action.

Why do I consider it as one of the biggest vices?

If you think about it, laziness is ultimately the biggest obstacle on the way to success. It can take may hundreds of forms and grades – from being idle to clean up a flat to passing by a stranger in need, from being unwilling to speak up your mind to procrastination.

Laziness is very dangerous as it may turn a potential winner and a champion into a looser. As they say, “My biggest enemy is myself”. You may win a fight over someone. Winning a fight over yourself, though, is much more difficult to achieve.

Fear is another biggest vice. It can be defined as the state of being afraid of something potentially harmful.

Unfortunately, fear poisons the lives of millions throughout the world. Like with laziness, it can take numerous forms – fear to act, fear to speak, fear to change, fear of the unknown, fear of  loosing a comfort zone, and so on and so forth.

Sometimes fear is just an instant that will pass away once a dangerous or harmful situation is over. Sometimes fear can completely paralyze your will. In other cases it never really  goes away – like a growling dog that is chased away with a stick but keeps coming back.

All in all, it is an extremely unhelpful, stressful and energy-consuming state, since most of the things we fear never happen.

On a side note, laziness and fear can be actually inter-connected creating a deadly explosive.

For instance, a person may be lazy because of fear. As a life example, someone can be reluctant to take the initiative because he or she is afraid of extra responsibility.

In conclusion, imagine you are about to die, either naturally or by misfortune, and are swallowing the last seconds of this world.

Would you feel satisfied with your life? Did you achieve all you planned? Did all the dreams come true? Did you, after all, live the life YOU wanted?

I bet if the answer is not a confident ‘Yes’, the reasons would be your laziness, or fear, or both.

So how to fight these two biggest vices?

The post on the biggest virtues sheds some light on the question.


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